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Wednesday Night Series

Wednesday Night Series

Come out and join the fun, improve your sailing, meet other sailors at FYC!

The Black Rock Harbor Wednesday Night series hosted by FYC and BRYC will run from May 11th to September 7th.

Anyone, even non club members, can register and race in the series.

The series and races are geared for all levels of sailing.  Beginners as well as experienced sailors are all welcomed to join the Wednesday evening race.

The first warning signal is scheduled for 1850 hours from May 11, 2022, through August 3, 2022.  On August 10, 2022 and thereafter, the first warning signal is scheduled for 1830 hours. 

Change to the TLE rules

To make the races fair and even, a change to the time limit (TLE) has been made to this year’s Sailing Instructions (SI).

The time limit for all boats will be 30 minutes for races that are 1 hour or less, for races over an hour, the time limit will be 50 minutes.  Detailed instructions of how the TLE time limits work are in the SI.

Boats sailing that are TLE, will be scored as boats sailed +1.  

Entry Requirements

To enter the series, all boats must have a 2022 YRA PHRF certificate.  A PHRF certificate can be purchased on the YRALIS.ORG website.  The process is very simple.  If you do not know your boats specification, Sailboatdata.Com has the measurement details of almost every boat made.  

To register for the series, there is a link below to the Yachtscoring site.  

Weekly and Series Awards

A Trophy glass will be given to the top three boats in each division every week.  To win the overall series, a boat is allowed 7 drops.  The top three overall winners will be awarded a trophy at the awards banquet. 

In addition, FYC members are eligible for the Tom Bobbin All around sailor trophy.  You do not have to come in 1st place to win the trophy, the trophy is awarded to the sailors who are the most active participants in the series, with the best overall score (no drops).

Yachtscoring Link