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FYC turns 100 years old in 2019.   Come celebrate with us as we begin the year long celebration.  
Visit this page often as we’ll keep you informed of planned activities over the coming year into 2019.
Any questions please contact 203donnad@gmail.com
Preserving FYC’s Heritage for the next 50-100 years.
The Centennial Committee is preparing a Time Capsule.  FYC member John Pyrch is leading the efforts to prepare a memorial Time Capsule.  We’ve acquired the capsule and a plan is in the works to identify items of interest to include in the capsule.  This is your opportunity to become part of the once in a lifetime effort.   Our first effort is to include your business as part of the 2019 Business Card Directory.  See below for more details and contact John Pyrch for more information at

Centennial Cooking - Looking for Recipes
A limited edition cookbook will be published full of our members favorite’s. Please send your submission to
 203donnad@gmail.com along with a short history/story. Please include your name and contact information.

No, we don’t mean sewing machines. We need sopranos, alto, bases, baritones, tenors and anything and everything in between. Fayerweather is putting together a mixed chorus from members of the Club and the Auxiliary. This group will be part of the Centennial Celebration and emphasize renditions from 1919 – a little before and a little after. There already has been interest shown by some individuals like Jay Jost, Andrew Cross and Jim Hisey. Loretta Lazaris, a musician and music teacher by occupation, has agreed to accept the task of leading the group. This promises to be a lot of fun and an organizational meeting will be planned for April or May of this year for those interested. Anyone interested should contact Tom Lee at tom@attorneytomlee.com or by calling (203) 590-3193. We look forward to hearing from you.